bewerbungsfoto06I am a data scientist / software developer with a background in human-machine interaction, natural language processing, and machine learning. I prefer hard problems over easy ones, and learning new things over repeatedly going through the same old stories.

I work at Mercateo in Leipzig, where I’m currently working on a recommender system for the B2B market, and on machine learning for article matching.

In my phd student years, I worked in the project group I5-DiaSpace of the SFB/TR-8 Spatial Cognition in Bremen, where I developed the Probabilistic
Reference And GRounding mechanism PRAGR. PRAGR enables referential grounding dialogues in human-robot communication by using flexible, goal-oriented concept assignment as a basis for the generation and resolution of referring expressions.

My passion for robotics had started long before that, though – when teaching kids to build and program lego robots with FINUT. Nowadays, I’m teaching the robots to water my Schrebergarten…

When I’m not at work or in my garden, you will probably find me on some river in Europe, in a foldable kayak.